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i agree,i wouldn't do anything else to it. what you have on it right now looks perfect.
it's frustrating,i know,but we learn from our mistakes. just keep trying! i usually use a cake board cut down to size if have a rkt structure to put on top of my cake. rkt can be heavy depending on how big your structure is.i also use a couple of dowels underneath it to support the weight of the rkt's.
you could try choc. candy melts or royal icing,i did that for a fire truck cake i did a while back. you just have to be very careful because they do break real easy.
use a small dish rag to put underneath one side of your pan,just to give it a little tilt to one side,pour in one batter,then take out the dish rag and pour in the other batter and let them meet in the middle.
i also use semi-sweet choc chips for my ganache.
daltonam,my son dosen't like buttercream either.i also try the smbc,but he said it just tasted like i bought some "whip & ice" from a cake supply come's frozen,you just thaw it out and whip it up,it tastes like a lightly sweetened whipped cream. it come's in vanilla and chocolate. you can add flavorings if you want. now that's his favorite instead of buttercream.
that's so cool! i wonder how much choc it takes to make one shoe.
i use the WASC variations also. i use the american buttercream with the high ratio shorntening,which i love,but my son and husband dont really like this buttercream (too sweet for them),so i once tried the SMBC, but my son thought it tasted like a stick of i switched to whip & ice for his cake's and he love's it!
i just saw this done on amazing wedding cake's. she cut out a round shape the size of the top of her cake to use as a template,using paper or parchment,then folded it several times the make the lines that she would use to follow.then she just made a line going down at an angle. i dont know if how i explained it make's sense,but it did work for her,it came out perfect,and she was doing a cake that was tapered at the bottom also.
for those of you who tried the rootbeer float cake,what filling did you use with it? wondering if a caramel or a bavarian cream filling would be a good combo with rootbeer float cake? would like to know what you have tried or really liked with this cake.thanks!
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