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Katskakes,have you checked your local library? they usually have books on polymer clay.i've seen alot at my library about making figures with polymer clay.
i've really never liked any fruit fillings with choc cake,but i have friends who do. my favorites are peanut butter filling and caramel filling with choc cake.
i bought mine a cake supply store that carries it.
yes,i think i would compare the taste to cool whip,maybe a tiny bit sweeter. i did add some flavoring to it also,which was also very good.
i buy the frozen one, just thaw and whip it up. i've tried the vanilla and choc. one,and you can add flavoring to them if you want. these are the only one's i can use for my son,he thinks buttercream is just to sweet,but he love's the whip n ice. haven't tried the already whipped one yet,but i didn't know you could paint on it and pipe flowers,just never thought of trying it. it is very good tasting though,but i cant compare to bettercream because i've never tried...
that does help,it's a cute idea! thanks!
i just love the picture you posted of him. he's just adorable!!! congrats!brenda
the mom of this grad is a friend,so this is a gift cake. i'll be making an 8 in and a 6 in round stacked ( she just wanted something small). she said to use his school colors which are red & white,a grad cap,so far no problem. also since he like's "batman",if i could incorporate batman onto the cake. so i was going to make the cake red & white,use a red grad cap on top of the cake,a gumpaste "2011" some where on there,but can't picture what to do with batman. i've already...
this last weekend,i learned the hard way,what leah_s said about the condensation. i had mine in the fridge,and took them out to start to stack them all but the top tier(was going to put that on at the resturant). a few minutes later the cake's were sweating so bad,had to turn the temp down to 70 degree's and put a fan in front of it. taking it from the house to the car,again they sweating and the fondant decorations were getting really sticky and soft. when we got to the...
that really is amazing!!! you did a fantastic job!!!
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