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the walmart all veg. brand with 2.5 grams of trans fat.
fantastic job!!! congrats on the win!!
boy,she sounds like a real winner. some people are just so mad at the world,that they take out they're rudeness and stupidity on good people.
cutthecake,look in the recipe section under "strawberry cakes", there's one called "double strawberry shortcake" which you add strawberry jello and mashed strawberries to the cake mix, and its really,really yummy!!!
very cool!!! i love it! it had to be time consuming,how long did it take you? was it hard to form? great job on it!
i remember our wilton instructor telling use to use imperial ps,because it works the best,but i have tried others and the only time my bc came out grainy was when i tried the walmart brand. and i do use the walmart brand all veg. shortening because it had more trans fat in it than the other brands. i just bought some hi ratio shortening last weekend when i visited san antonio,so im so excited to try it out!
this design look kinda like the one made by tulip27f,under "round wedding cakes" from dec 2007,called "white clematis". the tiers are offset,but she uses small round "wedges" or foam core between the tiers.really pretty!
i was wondering the same thing. would you use the same amount of high ratio shortening as you would reg. shortening for buttercream recipe? just bought some also,so im glad i read this thread,because i haven't opened mine yet,and i probably would have thought the same thing about it looking like its been opened and used already.
you should look at sugarshack's blog,she just made one with the wedge's in between the cakes,it will give you an idea of how to do it. it's a blue and white graduation cake.
WOW! thats beautiful,great job!!
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