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i think im good enough for family and friends,but to start a business,no,i just think people would expect alot more of me than what im comfortable doing. i like taking my time,and if i mess up,oh well,its just for my family or friends,they would not DARE tell me anything because its free. there are so many bakeries in town also,i just dont think i could compete. how do YOU feel about starting a business? if you feel in your heart your ready,and that you can compete with...
Snotface14,look under the link bashini put up for wilton,go under "decorating 101",then find "easy buttercream decorating techniques".it shows how to do shells,ruffles,ect., and i think you can print those out too.
can you get a hold of the wilton class 1 and 2 books? they have the practice sheets in them that i cut out of the book, i lamenated mine so i could practice right on it or you could buy the little practice board, which is just a card board covered in plastic and has a clear plastic sheet attached so that you can put the practice sheet that you cut out of the book in between and practice you piping on it.
satin ice is good,and i got a sample taste of the fondarific,which was also good!!
what an interesting idea!!
i use the ck brand also,(its the only one iv had a chance to use) and i love it! works great by itself or half and half.i started to run low on my high ratio,so i used half high ratio and half my reg shortening,and it work great also! ive also used it with half butter,which works great too!
i was thinking the exact samething this weekend!! im not professional,its just a hobby,but all of a sudden it started feeling like a job. saturday, i had just finished my third cake that week for someone, had stayed up until 3 am to finish it,and was so glad to get it over with! i know thats not a lot of cakes compared to what others have to do, but for me, i just felt over whelmed.( i have a hard time saying "no" to people too). after she picked up her cake, i got a call...
so cool!! i wouldn't even know where to start on something like that,great job on all of it!!
thanks for the help everybody!!
have question about the amount you would use. in my normal recipe i would use 2 cups shortening to 2 lb ps, in that thread, i read that you would use 1 cup high ratio to 2 lb ps. one person in that thread said she used 1 cup high ratio and 1 cup butter, so if i wanted to use a recipe with half high ratio and half butter, is that what i should use or should i use 1/2 cup high ratio and 1/2 cup butter? just wondering,because i didnt want to ruin a batch of buttercream...
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