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i like to mix some modeling chocolate in with my rkt's,it sticks together real nice and hardens very well.then i cover it in modeling choc. because you can smooth it out real nice with your hands.
when i use RKT's, i put modeling choc on top of it and it smooths out real nice,and once it dry's a little,its pretty solid.
there's also one called "whip & ice" that i get from my cake supply store.i buy it in quart size and it does need to be kept frozen until ready to use. come's in vanilla,choc., and strawberry i think.
cakeandparty, i use the poly dowels also,they are like the wilton plastic dowels but with a smaller diameter. they take up less space than the wilton one's,and are just as strong or sturdy.
mareg,i haven't done a lab,but i did do two bichon dogs for a grooms cake topper. they were about 5 inches high. they were not all gumpaste though,i molded the body from RKT's,then covered with modeling choc and then added fondant where needed.the couple really liked them,and said they looked like little porcelain figurines. i didn't post them,because i didn't think they would allow me to,since the base or inside was made from rkt's.
Niki11784,that just happened to me too. i did a birthday cake,purple and orange,and later noticed the light blue spots on the purple buttercream.i thought maybe i didnt mix the color in right or something. i used americolor gels.i left it out for a little while and then stuck it in the fridge,since she wasn't going to pick it up until the next day. i dont think the girl noticed it,because she was really happy with it.
how about some powered sugar sprinkled on?
sweettreat101,i've used "whip n ice" as foam for a beer mug cake before. you could probably use some heavy whipping cream,whipped up real thick.
banana and choc swirl cake with caramel filling.
i've been at this "hobby" since 2008,and i'm still buying new things to "try out". i have cake supplies in my kitchen,dining room,laundry room,and who knows where else. they keep coming out with so many new cake decorating tools,that now i wait to see if anybody here on CC has used them to see if they are worth getting.
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