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same idea as pastrysV,except use a floral wire and heat it up. i usually just stick it over my burner on my stove. then just stick it where you want the hole,and move ti around until you get a big enough hole for your toothpick. hth!
why don't you make a gumpaste badge? working at a hospital,your required to have a badge with your name and what you do... clerk,Rad Tech,RN,ect.
The first thing i though of when i saw the middle tier is the wilton sugar sheets. The tier is first ice in pink buttercream or pink fondant,then the black and white sugar sheet is cut to fit the side of the cake,applied,then  sections are lightly airbrushed different colors. I'm not sure if thats the way its was intended to be done,but thats what i thought of when i first saw it. hth!
does she have a good camera to take pictures of her cake's?
3D-Sweets is right,just put your edible glue where you want the disco dust to be,sprinkle on the disco dust and tap off the excess and let it dry. i'v use it before on my number toppers. i just make sure to tell my friends not to eat it,just take it off when thier ready to cut.
you can also put some pink fondant through a clay extruder to get a small rope,and wrap around the edges of the letter's with some edible glue.
i know a 4 yr old girl who love's the black spiderman. she thinks he's "pretty". if i were going to make a cake for her,i would ice the cake in pink and just use the black fondant cutout of spiderman, pipe on a black web,and use a black border on bottom. with the regular spiderman,im not sure what color would look girly and still look good with him on it,but if this girl likes spiderman,she probably won't care if the cake looks girly.
cakemommy,i think i remember one on you tube by sweetcakes,(i think).just google how to make a pregnant belly cake and you should see the video.
yes scp1127,that helps a bunch!! thank you!!
i would also cut it out of gumpaste one week ahead of time to let it dry hard,but i usually use a lolly pop stick or a wooden dowel and "glue" it to the back with some melted chocolate,let it dry for a couple minutes, and stick into cake.
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