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Now that sounds like the life of a cookie decorator!!! I wish you luck and lots of rest when you're done!
I add about 6 drops of glycerine to my RI recipe. Too much will keep the RI soft, but just a little gives it a slight sheen.
I happened upon the sculpted skunk post that ibmoser mentioned. Here it is for anyone interested:
Diane - Here are a couple of links to discussions about splotchy cookies:
Oh, I'm sorry that happened to your cookies! And I'm sorry I can't think of a fix, but thought I'd give your post a bump to the top - maybe someone else will have an idea.
My very first thought was that it was the recipe, but obviously not if it's the one you have success with at home. I use a convection oven at home, and the one I used in a commercial kitchen drove me crazy too. It was scorching hot and very uneven.The only thing I can suggest is to experiment with underbaking them. I do that anyway since I like a softer cookie, and they tend to dry out with the RI and sitting around to dry.Maybe someone will have better advice, or a...
Very kind of you to take the time for such a nice post! As a "cookie person", I appreciate it. And have to return the compliment to you cake decorators!! I continue to be completely intimidated by cakes!
Wow - sounds like a great class! And probably worth every penny, if you ask me I decided not to do the class after giving it a lot of thought - for the same reason I'm not selling cookies any more. SOOOO much time when there's already so much to do for my family. Some day though!Thank you all for your input.
That sounds great Susan! And such a bonus to be able to sell your cookie cutters too What is the event? Are there other classes going on too?
Thank you for such helpful input everyone. I don't know why its so hard to set my price - I just have to decide what I think my time would be worth and do it! Its just back to the familiar dilemma - people don't realize how much work is involved - they're just cookies.... right? So I totally get why cakesbycathy isn't teaching her class again this year. And southaustingirl - that sounds like an incredible class - so much information in 3 hours!And kneadacookie, you are...
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