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I want to make an 18 to put into the top of a 2 tiered cake. I made some mmf and have the number cutters. Do I just cut them out and allow them to dry beforehand? Should I just cut them out and leave them on my mat or will they stick? Should I be lifting them off and placing them on wax paper or something? When I attach sticks to them, what is the best way? How long will they take to dry? Appreciate any help out there! Thanks! is a link to a tutorial. CC may have one here as well but I didn't have time to search. They are excellent to do. They are great cause you can actually do them a bit ahead of time and then just plunk it down onto an iced cake!
it doesn't get wet and soggy? I will have to try this.
You can buy the sticks at any place like Bulk Barn, Michaels, some dollar stores, craft stores.
Every year I overnight a banana cake (un iced) to my sister for her birthday. I bake it, wrap it well and freeze it right up till the moment it goes into the overnight package. When she gets it, she puts it back in her freezer if it's not quite her birthday yet. It's always moist. I visited her once and she still had some of my cake in her freezer and it was delicious.
you could make cake truffles by adding some liquid, icing, sprinkles etc.
I never liked the taste of color flow and I find royal icing just too hard. I decorated my cookies with Sweet Annie's icing. It seems to be a slightly softer royal type icing. I also use buttercream that crusts and they both package up well.
I make these giant cookies a lot and use the Wilton cookie pan. I either spray it with Pam or grease and flour them. When I take it out of the oven, I gently run a butter knife around the edge of the whole thing. I wait only a couple of minutes and then I flip it over onto a cooling rack. It pops right out. I charge $18 to $20 for mine, decorated with icing or ganache, writing and sometimes flowers. I have done some with pictures as well. They are very popular.
Yes, I'd love that recipe, sounds great! Remember when putting in the can of mandarin oranges, I use the liquid also. I have just done this cake with regular buttercream and also with choc buttercream followed by choc ganache and it was really good!
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