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Love it!!!
Too funny!!!
Fruit Loops have the same effect on my kids. The first time I saw that I nearly had a heart attack!!!
I was wondering that as well. This would be one of the MAIN reasons that I would purchase the Cricut Cake.
Well, I am not from Florida but I just checked out your blog and your work is wonderful!
I see a hint of gold shimmer also.
Texas broken hearted cake decorator you for attaching the thread!
Thank you!
Do you happen to know the title of that thread?
Thank you so much Diane for this information!! I will definitely keep your tips in mind. I was overthinking everything and forgot about writing a letter I am so glad that everything worked out for you!Cakesdivine: I called the HD and was transferred 3 times before I got a voicemail yesterday. Its funny because the lady on the voice mail says not to call and leave multiple messages, she will call back between so and so time in the morming and so and so time in the...
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