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You can purchase it at the International School of Confectionary and Sugar Arts, 6060 McDonough Drive, NW, Suite F, Norcross and you can also find it at Cake Art Party Store, 3744 Lawrenceville Hwy, Tucker.
I need to make a 2 tier baby shower cake with the theme being "booties and baby shoes". I would really like to use 3 to 4 pairs of shoes, but I'm stumped on how to make it work well. Anyone have any ideas???? The cake needs to serve 40. Thanks!
Thank you so much for all the info. I'm very anxious to start playing with my starter kit. Could you tell me how far in advance I can make the monograms for my cookies? How would I go about storing them until it's time to put them on the cookies? It will make my life sooooooo much easier if I can have them ready well ahead of time. I'm going to have to dye the sugar veil red - any recommendations? Thanks again for all your help!
tiny goose - I have to stencil 400 cookies - can you give me tips on using the sugar veil? I have the starter kit, just haven't had a chance to work with it. How long does it take to dry and once I put the cookie in a bag can it be stacked? Thanks.
Where do you get the cupcake wrappers cartridge - also if you are looking for cartridges, check out They have great sales all the time.
Thank you everyone for your help. Linedancer, I'll give your technique a try this weekend.
Need Help! Does anyone know how to make an orange star flower from gumpaste????
When I make my sugar cookies, I end up with the top of my cookie having a lumpy finish instead of a smooth finish. I use fondant a lot and because of the lumps, the cookies end up looking like there's random humps. I hope this makes sense. Can someone help please?
I absolutely love mine. I have a 6 quart and I haven't had any issues. I have always placed a wet paper towel around the top when I add my dry ingredients, but the only time any really comes up on me is if I'm doing an extra large batch.
I know your cake is already done, but for future reference, Nicholas Lodge does a drop dead georgous wedding cake with roses and pumpkins.
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