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Wow.   I have paid taxes on my cake for several years  now.  I have also been in very close contact with the local health dept recently.   one of the reasons I havent been on here to reply to anything in 8 hours is bc i was busy moving ALL my supplies to the shop as I decided that was the best choice.   Since I was no longer going to be doing any baking out of my home for $ ( which I havent done in well over a year BTW due to some extremely serious personal...
Please dont misunderstand...  My intentions are to be operating ( not just on paper) completely legally within a month.. Sorry if that wasnt clear.  :)
I have my own business that I've been operating out of my home ( illegally in NJ) that I have an LLC established for...   Not an employee of the shop..  Would work on orders still out of my home setup but would be operating out of her facility for legal purposes...   Thanks!
So I'd love some feedback as to what is a fair percentage to give to a shop owner if you are operating under their food license, occasionaly working out of their facility.  Orders would come from shops clientelle as well as exisiting/new customers for me...   Materials paid for by me...   So basically I would be operating under the shops umbrella ( anyone in NJ knows what a giant situation this is)... And since I've not done this before I'm unsure what percentage...
ummm.... I was referring to if anyone that is trying to make the list of competitors for next season made it through the next rounds of cuts... But I totally hear what you are sayin' girl! lol... I think they are trying to keep it interesting but it does fall short at times..
Soooo.... has anyone made the most recent cut from last week for the new season of Food Network Challenge??
soooo.....??? did you make the next cut??
Sorry to hear it... Don't give up trying!
love it! Was looking on here to see who else may be waiting to hear.... here's mine ( similar to yours actually!) we'll get to meet in CO!
Good luck to you! I'm waiting to hear as well and was curious who else on here was on the edge of their seat as well... Maybe we'll meet in CO!
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