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I'm amazed by the amount of people who think the cake will go stale.  My mother makes cakes all the time with just a little bit of powdered sugar on them.  Keeps them in a glass cake stand on the counter.  Cake is good for a few days....if it lasts that long:)
we are approaching a year since you started this thread.....dropping a name yet?
Just thought i would give this a bump. Already thinking about Gingerbread house day with my niece and nephew!!Last year I ended up doing an all pink and purple gingerbread house with my niece and an all red and green house with my nephew. Maybe I can find pictures. What is everyone doing this year?? My niece loves to draw rainbows, so I am thinking a rainbow gingerbread house is in our future. My nephew LOVES baseball....gotta think up some ideas for that.
Ok....4+ months since you last posted.....are we any closer to getting the name?
ok...when I read the OP I thought she was looking for decorating ideas. I know the trend is over, but the M&M's cake w/kit-kats is cute and I personally always wanted to make mini ones with my nieces and nephews. Wouldn't it be fun if you all decorated your own cake; if there are kids, they would love it. Really easy and you could wait for a rainy day to make them.Also the spaghetti cake/cupcakes...although that trend has passed too, that cake still gets alot of talk in...
Wow Leah, your price is really reasonable. Going rate in my neck of the woods is $5 per person. That includes set up w/the hostess returning the jars. More if you want them to break down. And I'm in a city similar to yours. The last two weddings I took part in the candy bars were DIY. The jars were making their ways thru a set of girlfriends...which was smart on their part.
This posted refers to her 'order form' as a contract and so do many of the members who posted comments. What is missing, according to your book, that you feel this is not a contract?
If you scroll thru this link you will find several contracts. There aren't any on the first few pages, but there are plenty of contracts further back. Congrats and good luck!
I was saying what scp1127 was saying, but she said it much better (And I did not see her post as you can see we only posted a minute between each other.) Just that parents forget their children was watching ALL THE TIME! I've done my time in teaching and retail and it amazes me how grown adults will behave right in front of their children. I don't believe for a minute that the 'bullies" on these boards sing a different tune when their children are around.
and then they are the ones saying things like: "I'm not bullying you; I'm not attacking you; I don't know how I offended you."...and to think....some of them are parents!
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