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I'm making my 20th wedding anniversary cake for our party. There are 85+ people coming and I'm afraid there won't be enough cake so I'm making an extra sheet cake (the kitchen cake, I guess it's called) But, I'm wondering what is the proper way to serve it since it won't be fully decorated. Do you cut it up and put it on plates or bring it to the table to be cut or what? I don't want people to think they are getting second rate cake. I'm having chocolate and white on the...
I noticed in kakeladis WASC recipe she uses whole eggs, where in many of the other WASC recipies they use egg whites. Which do you use? How does the egg white recipe alter the texture or taste? I want a light and fluffy cake and heavy and dense. Which way should I go?Thanks
Thanks. I really thought that you also added the ingredients called for on the box too. Do you have a quick link to kakladis wasc recipe?Thanks again for your quick response.Teresa
Hello,When making the WASC cake, do you follow the instructions on the cake mix boxes as well, like adding the oil, eggs, water, etc. THEN add the additional ingredients?Thanks,Teresa
Hi there,I'm about to use the diamond impression mat on buttercream for the first time and would like any tips on doing this. Also, how do you get that stitched look? Is there a tool for this? Thanks,Teresa
Hello,Can anyone tell me how to make pine trees (evergreen tree) using either pretzels or upside down cones? I will be using buttercream. I am not sure which tip to use or the meathod for either one. ThanksTeresa
I just use Pam or butter with flour. Sometimes I line the inside with strips of wax paper to help keep the cake from humping. I've used the flower nails before, but can't say that I noticed a big difference. I feel that the best results come from using the wax paper strips inside.hthTeresa
Hello,I have a cake due today, and I need to put flames on the sides of a 12" round with buttercream. Any tips or ideas how to achieve this? Thanks
Thanks for the ideas. LEAHS- do you have a picture of the boot through the window cake? I'd love to see the effect of the sugar glass. I've never used poured sugar before. I hope it's not too difficult for a first timer. What is a Silpat? Teresa
Hello,I've been using this recipe forever. It is my main chocolate cake recipe. I use it for wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes and everything in between. I can't say I have ever had that problem. I do line my round pans that are 10" and bigger with wax paper, but for the sheet cakes, I just grease with butter on the sides and then a little flour. Sometimes I even use a spray of pan coat like Pam or whatever I have on hand. I always put wax paper on the bottoms of...
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