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Yes, sorry. I guess if I would call them by the correct name you would know what I was talking about. I get it now. I'm heading to Hobby Lobby or Michaels today to get some HIDDEN pillars...LOL Thanks again. Are you a Colts fan? I was born and raised in Indianapolis. Moved to SW MO about 11 years ago, but Indy will always be "home" to me.
Hey Indy,In the Wilton Wedding Cakes book ( A Romantic Portfolio- 3 layer stacked white cake on front) Page 69, they have "Hidden Pillars" It says they are designed to separate cake tiers slightly and create a floating illusion. Pushed into tiers as dowel rods, they fit onto all white separator plates except Tall Tier. Trimmable, plastic, hollow.Have you ever used these? So, you like the tapered pillar push ins huh? I guess you just slide the little caps on first and...
I have only used the two plate system and want to venture out and use the push ins and the invisible pillars. I think I understand how the push in pillars work, but I'm unclear on the invisible ones. What's the difference, and which ones do you prefer? Pros and cons?I appreciate any comments.
Do you mean that you put the ribbon at the very bottom of the cake and then put the border over it? Do you have any pictures of how that looks?Thanks a bunch!
I am putting 1 inch ribbons on the bottoms of each tier of a 3 tier cake. Do you put a border on first and THEN place the ribbon just above it? Or, do you omit the border altogether since the ribbon will be there?Would love to see pictures of both to see the differnce. Please share your pictures or ideas with me. Thanks CC'ers!
Ha Leah! Yes, I'd love to. I wish I could see one in person and get a close look at how it works. Are there any links to get a close-up look?Teresa
Thanks ladies. Indy- You were exactly right on your links. 2nd row, 1st, is my construction. So....are the push in pillars the same as the the columns or are they constructed differently? I mean, my columns are the Grecian style so they would take a "chunk" of cake on the way down. Once they "hit" the bottom board, exactly what keeps the top 10" from wobbling and swaying? If I use the two plate method, does the bottom plate of the 10" need to have dowels under it?Thanks...
This will sound silly to most of you. But, I'm doing a tiered cake, 14" with a stacked 12" on it. Then, 7" columns with a 10" on top of that. My questions is this: How is the bottom plate of the tier hidden? What are the columns attatched to on the middle cake to keep the top tier from falling over? I've looked at several cakes here on CC and it looks like the columns are just sitting on the cake.Thanks for looking and any suggustions.
I'm doing a cake that will require wide ribbons around four tiers of cakes. The ribbon is a light mossy green, and I'm afraid the buttercream grease will splotch it and ruin it. Any suggestions? I once read somewhere that if you spray the whole ribbon with Pam ahead of time, that it will work. I thought maybe using a strip of wax paper, but how would you attatch the wax paper to the ribbon?Thanks for any help.
Thanks for your reply.Yes it is a tiered cake. 14, 12, 10, 8, and 6" double layer. DONT LAUGH. I don't plan on cutting the standard 1x1/2 " pieces. My hubby wants a PIECE of cake not a sliver. So you are saying to bring it to the table at the time of cutting even though it would probably be in the pan I baked it in? I don't want it to look tacky. Should I take it out of the pan and put it on a cake board at least? I really didn't want to spend any extra time on another...
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