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I'm making a cake that requires swags around the cake. It's all buttercream. Any links or video help here?Thanks a bunch.
I do have Karo syrup. Thanks a bunch!
Thats a great idea but i don't have any piping gel on hand, is there any substitute i could use?Thanks for all the ideas
So your suggestion is to maybe cut the top of the tube open and squeeze out all of the black icing into a bowl or bag, add 1/2 cup of my homemade frosting and then put it in my own deco bag and pipe from there?
Hmm,Well, I need really jet black icing for this. The color is perfect in the tube. Only parts of it fell off. It was the first time I had ever done this sort of cake. Below is a picture. I wondered if it was because I didn't press the tip against the cake hard enough so it didn't really get to be attatched.What do you use?
I'm doing a wedding cake this weekend that is all buttercream with buttercream scrolls. I am using Wilton's black icing tube (the one you can put your own tips on)I did this a few months ago and delivered it the day before the event. It looked great. The next day, however, I noticed that some of the scrolls just fell off, or came loose from the cake. Are there any tips or tricks someone could tell me about to prevent this from happening again?
I just bought a very nice fancy cake stand. An 18". I'm a little nervous about leving it (and my other supplies) at venues where I don't know the clients personally. Do you charge a deposit to cover these items? And do you require them to return everything back to you, or do you go and pick it up?
I am putting real roses on an all buttercream wedding cake this Sat. Is it okay to just wrap them (rose stem, small sprig of baby's breath) in floral tape and insert directly into cake, OR, do I need to push floral spikes into the cake first and put the flowers in? I would prefer to just wrap them in floral tape if that would be okay.Thanks for your help
I usually have one or more of my kids help by holding a cake while we travel to the venue. They slide if I put them in boxes and it's so stressful getting them there. How do you all get your cakes out the door safely?
Thanks Indy for the link. I'm going to go now and look at it.BTW - A huge thanks to you on your info about the push in pillars last week. I used them and I LOVED them. I will use them all the time. Attatched is the wedding cake that I used them on yesterday. Also, this is the cake that had the terrible bulging problem. My solution was to move the ribbon, which was supposed to go at the bottom of the cakes to the middle to hide them. It worked, but what if ribbons weren't a...
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