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I have made several fbct's and only used buttercream. I found it easy to work with and they turned out fine.
You could cover your boards with press and seal or a pretty foil if you want, but you should always use cake boards when stacking along with some dowels. There are some excellent tutorials here on cc and on youtube showing how to stack and tier a cake. hth
Wow, that does sound easy. I actually thought about that, but wasn't sure if they would get mixed together or not. I wonder if it would help to hold a piece of cardboard in the middle until it's poured, and then pull it straight up and out?
I know I have read some ideas on here somewhere about how to make a sheet cake that is half white and half black. I only need a 9x13 size. Any suggestions on how to achieve this simply?THanks in advance for your expertise!
Are you referring to the paper towel effect from the pic? I would love to see that too. The pic that Indydebi linked is exactly what I was asking about.Please post it when you find it. I have been all over CC, and youtube but haven't found anything.
As usual Indy, you are right on with what I was saying. I rarely do anything with fondant. I just wasn't sure how to get that effect with buttercream. Do you want your buttercream a little thicker to build up, or a little thinner to glide? Do you have a couple of favorite tips you like to use to do swags? I have the Wilton garland marker, but not sure how to get that look.Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
I'm making a cake that requires swags around the cake. It's all buttercream. Any links or video help here?Thanks a bunch.
I do have Karo syrup. Thanks a bunch!
Thats a great idea but i don't have any piping gel on hand, is there any substitute i could use?Thanks for all the ideas
So your suggestion is to maybe cut the top of the tube open and squeeze out all of the black icing into a bowl or bag, add 1/2 cup of my homemade frosting and then put it in my own deco bag and pipe from there?
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