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I'm about to place an order with GSA and I'm buying my first tub of fondant...Yeah! I will need to cover an 11x16 sheet (that will be carved down a bit to make the shape of a coffin). Will the 2# tub of Satin Ice be enough to cover this size cake? I don't want to buy 5# of black fondant if I don't need that much. Thanks for your expertise!
Hi there,The problem is not that your butter is salted. I use nothing but salted butter in my buttercream frosting and it's delicious. The problem is there is air in your cake and as it settles, it pushes out the sides. You're putting too much frosting on the edges. Check out this link: helped me tremendously with this same problem. HTH
Nikki,Yes, please post them asap. Thanks everyone for your input here. You are all so helpful. I'm going to go buy some Satin Ice in BLACK and give it a try. I will probably just use buttercream underneath for now until I can get a good understanding on the ganache. I've never seen or tasted it before.Does your buttercream underneath need to be the same thickness as usual?
Thank you all so much. I'm taking it all in and making notes. So, the consensus seems to be: make your own, or buy Satin Ice pre-colored fondant. Do you all agree that it tastes decent?Where is the best source to buy it? (cost, fast delivery)And once the cake is covered in fonant, what is the protocol for keeping it soft/fresh until it reaches customer? Does it need covered?
Thanks for all the tips. I've never used ganache either. (maybe I should start another forum question for Great idea for youtube, I do go there a lot. For making it black, could I use the color mist spray I've seen at Michaels?If making it black with food coloring, do you put it in a plastic bag and knead the color in? Assuming I buy the already made Wilton white fondant.I didn't know you could buy already made black fondant. Does Michaels sell that too? ...
Indy, You and I really click. I bet if I lived back in Indy ( I wish, ) We'd be best buds! LOL Your always here to answer my questions and seem to understand me and my cake woes. You rock! You should check out my gallery sometime. You would see the results of my many questions. They may look familiar to you. ie, scrolls, ribbons, stacking, on and on. Now, about needing the fondant to be black and not taste so nasty....??
I'm about to do the same thing...use black fondant for the first time. Does the Color Mist have a taste? Do you spray it on after you have covered your cake with fondant? Does it reallly go on black? I'm making an over the hill casket cake.
I will be covering a casket cake for an over the hill birthday cake next week. She wants it black so I was considering doing it in black fondant. I would just use buttercream but I don't like the way it tastes when you make it black, and it takes a ton of color to do it. I've never used fondant before, but I suppose it's time to branch out and learn something new. So, what are your best tips for a beginner fondant user, and any help on making it black would help. I've seen...
I've used ribbon several times. Yes, just regular ribbon. The grease can't really be helped. You will read several suggestions - none have worked for me - like lining it with wax or foil paper. It still seeped through on the edges. My opinion is to just let it soak all of it so it's not splotchy. Certain fabrics and colors will react differently. HTH
Yes, you buy it where you get the saran wrap. It sticks really well. I use it all the time on the stacked cake boards and on the bottom board I use color coordinated foil that I get from Modern Variety store (it's the kind of foil that florists use to wrap their pots in) Flower shops sell it too, and it's really cheap. I also use it to wrap my cakes for the freezer.
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