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Thanks everyone for your input. I will buy the 5 pounder and try to follow all the advice I got here. I'll decide about the hole when I get there.
Edna,Since I've never worked with piping gel, OR gold dust before, is there any quick tips you can give me on using them together? I'm up for learning and trying new things and I will purchase these two things tomorrow.I did see one of your cakes awhile back that you did with gold on it. It was beautiful.Thanks for your help.
I don't have any airbrush supplies. I was just wondering if there was such a thing as gold edible pens, or what people use to pipe in gold.
Okay, I happened onto this thread and am overwhelmed by the possibilities. I want to make some of these today! Where can I find the first original recipe (oe at least an easy one for a first timer to try out)? I need the main instructions too as I see that there are many variations.I'm glued here waiting for a response.
I need to do some scrolling and some simple writing in gold to go on a black cake? Any suggestions? Do they sell any icing that writes in gold?
No high alt- I live in SW Missouri. I use exactly the amount of bp called for. I have made this recipe for years, but now it's sinking in the middle.
That was another thing I forgot to mention; I always use a cake tester too. Could it atill be that it's under done a bit?
I use baking strips, even baking time, following recipies, try not to over/under mix and they come out beautifully untill they cool, and then they sink in the middle. Why? And how to fix it?
Thank you very much. Where do you usually poke the hole? On the side maybe, where you can't see so much? When do you fill it in? I thought I might use the woodgrain mat on the coffin top; do I do this after it's on the cake or when I roll it out?
It's amazing that it would take more than 3 pounds of fondant to cover a less than 11x15 sheet, BUT i will take you word and order the 5 pounder. Thanks a bunch. How thick do put the buttercream on before you put the fondant on? You are supposed to chill the cake after buttercream layer before you cover it too, right?
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