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Posts by charleezgal am making a circus cake and would like to duplicate the effect of this cake by using the styrofoam balls covered in fondant. I have tried to contact this C.C. member several times to get some info but have not heard back from her.I understand that the dowels go through the cake and then styro balls covered in fondant, but I need a little more detail. Do you cover the bottoms of the cake...
Tip 21....thanksAny tips for making them? Do you just squeeze hard and pile it up?
Any tips on piping frositng clowns? Doing it for the first time. Doesn't look too hard. Is there anything I should know?What tips do you use?Thanks a bunch.Teresa
Some cakes on here say they used two bundt pans for their pumpkin cake, but some look a lot taller. How do I get a tall (not short and squaty) pumpkin cake? How do you stack the bundt cakes? Do you use cardboard between layers?Thanks
Thanks everyone = that was very helpful!!! All of your SpongeBob cakes were awesome.
I need to make a SpongeBob cake where it looks like he is sitting...instead of a flat sheet cake. I have been through the galleries but they don't give much detail how it's done. Some say they use 9x13's cut in half or into 3rd's but don't really explain how to cut, stack, etc. Can anyone give me instructions on how to do this? Thanks so much!
I'm thinking about using a a cake dummy at a bridal fair next month. I've never even seen a "dummy" in person. How do you decorate it or cover it with frosting or fondant? Are they easy to work with? If I stack or tier a cake, how does that work with a dummy? Any help or ideas are appreciated.
They almost look like small white golf tees. They have something to do with constructing a cake, I guess, but I have no idea what thier purpose is or how to use them.
What frosting tip do you use to make the evergreen trees? I made them for the first time on my penguin cake. Was not happy how they turned out. I used a number 70 leaf, but it didn't look right, or I didn't do it right. What is the technique to have them curl up as they go up the tree. I have seen some really awesome trees on CC and mine need some help.I don't know if you can see them very well in my picture, but I'll post it anyway.Thanks
I need to make a stacked cake to feed about 150 people. The problem is, my oven will only accomodate a 14" round. It is a convection and a 16" won't allow the door to close all the way. Any advice on what would look good, feed 150, and start with a 14" round bottom? Do they sell two half round pans that equal a 16"? Doubtful, huh?
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