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Yes, I'm using fondant. You mean I can use my iron and set it to steam and just wave it over the finished cake for the shine?
I'm making a car cake this weekend and wanted to make the chrome look like chrome. I have some silver dust, but I'm not sure if that's what you use, and if so, how to do it. Any suggestions?Thanks,Teresa
I'm making a car cake this weekend and I saw several here on CC and they were so shiney. A lot of the pictures didn't include any details on how it was done. Anybody have a suggestion? The cake will covered in white or red fondant.Thanks,Teresa
I only use my own marshmallow fondant recipe. It tastes really good and is easy to make and use. 16 oz. of marshmallows, 2TBL water and 2# powdered sugar.
I am making a sheet cake and want to make 3 strips or "outline" borders on the inside edge of the cake. Does that make sense? Like 1/2 inch dark pink and then 1/2 inch light pink and then 1/2 inch orange. My question is, how do you make straight even lines and more importantly, how do I frost each border without smearing it into the next border color?
I am buying the First Impressions baby mold, and was wondering if you can use all fondant instead of 50/50 fondant/gumpaste. Has anyone used only fondant in this mold? If so, how did it turn out?Thanks for your help.Teresa am making a circus cake and would like to duplicate the effect of this cake by using the styrofoam balls covered in fondant. I have tried to contact this C.C. member several times to get some info but have not heard back from her.I understand that the dowels go through the cake and then styro balls covered in fondant, but I need a little more detail. Do you cover the bottoms of the cake...
Tip 21....thanksAny tips for making them? Do you just squeeze hard and pile it up?
Any tips on piping frositng clowns? Doing it for the first time. Doesn't look too hard. Is there anything I should know?What tips do you use?Thanks a bunch.Teresa
Some cakes on here say they used two bundt pans for their pumpkin cake, but some look a lot taller. How do I get a tall (not short and squaty) pumpkin cake? How do you stack the bundt cakes? Do you use cardboard between layers?Thanks
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