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Hi, I am looking for a temporary job overseas as a cake decorator or baker. Preferably somewhere in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. Please let me know if you have any leads or ideas on where I can find job listings. (I live in the US)   Thanks in advance!
Thanks, I think I'm going to try a different cocoa powder, and some coffee. The recipe I have calls for boiling the water and adding cocoa powder and cooling it before you add it to the dry ingredients.
Is there anything I can add to the cake to give it a more "rounded" flavor, right now it has a very flat flavor. I use pure vanilla and cocoa powder in the recipe. I was thinking about adding some creme boquet or some other kind of flavor extract to make the flavor better. Any ideas?
Do you have a picture of how you want the cake to turn out? Im having a difficult time envisioning the cake...but from what I understand....I would just leave the tops smooth no border on top or bottom. Good luck!
I just did my first non family/friend wedding. I would like to find out if things went well. Should I call the bride, or just wait to see if she contacts me? Thanks for your help in advance
is the figurine made just out of fondant or gum paste? if so next time you may try using foil for the basic shape of the figure, then cover the foil in gum paste or fondant and allow to dry. Check out my jungle cake i made the figurines with non-toxic clay but the idea is still the same.
I would try a dark chocolate ganache.
if you can't find a cake board big enough for the cake. You could use a foam core board. You can find them in the art section at Michaels or Hobby lobby. Good luck!
I have done several cupcake cakes. Putting icing down is the only way I have ever seen the cupcakes held together. The icing underneath and the icing to decorate the cake hold the cupcakes in place. With the heat you will probably want to either freeze the cake before you drop it off or keep it in a cooler for the ride.
Check into subletting a kitchen from a church, bakery, or restaurant. If there is a farmers market in your area you could start there and build up a clientel from there. Good luck!
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