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Dang your good!  I tried looking for it but ended up no where!  lol
I'm not a stencil fan but Marvelous Molds came out with a quick and effective way to do damask  just write this address on the browser.  I have not tried the product yet but I trust Chef with anything he comes up with he is just genius!  
I agree!
No stencil here it looks like the work of an electronic cutter!  
When it comes to red tones I like to buy a base colored fondant.  The reason being that if I start with white the taste and consistency of the fondant will change.  All computers have different RGB colors so everyone will see a different hue than what you see on your computer.  Your best bet is to match the color with the Pantone color card and let us know the color number (assuming we have all have a pantone color card right?).    It seems to me that the color looks...
Te envio una recomendacion. 
Ale, cuando comencé hacer este yo por practicar cobraba lo mínimo  y se los dejaba saber.  Eso dicho debes averiguar con tus competidores su listado de precio (incluyendo reposterías)  y ajustar su precio de acuerdo al Mercado pero nunca por debajo.  El problema con tu estrategia (si estas cobrando por debajo del precio de Mercado) es que tu clientela se acostumbra y para luego subir los precios va ser un dilema.    El que quiera que yo ajuste mi tiempo de mis hijos...
Listen I use clear cut isomalt crystals because there are no impurities in the sugar.  Also i use Distilled Water.  The owner of Make your Own Molds sells the product and Ck products has there own version.  I have never used regular sugar but many people who use it come across these problems.  Also, don't use a wooden spoon to mix the sugar in the pot.  The wood hides impurities in its surface.  Is the pot stainless steel?
Check with Cheff Dominic he wil help you out! hope it helps
Evieg Wow!  Hace mas o menos el mismo tiempo que me desconecte!  Quien sabe de LaSanta?  
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