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I need to make a caramel filling for a cake. I have a bag of caramel bits . I am going to melt it with a little bit of  whipping cream so that it wont be so stiff. Do you guys think it will be ok off of ice for a couple of days?
pipe a border and fill in with thinned royal it should level itself. I also would use the old time royal made with real egg whites it is more sturdy since no one will be eating the church pieces. make your pieces kinda thick.
make a cardboard pattern,cover with wax paper and pipe over it. you can make it as ornate as you like.
I would try royal icing-the one that's hard like rock. glue pieces together with royal like you would a gingerbread house. Just thinking out loud. I never tried it.
just slightly dampen the back of the fondant and press lightly onto cake that should work also
I just finishe a crusting buttercream cake and I applied black fondant zebra stripes to it before it crusted and it worked beautifully. The stripes I made were similar is size as your grass. You shouldn't have a problem with it if you apply them before buttercream is crusted.
I used reg wilton colors with a few drops of vodka.
I painted on buttercream after it was crusted with no problem.Just need a soft bristle and don't press too hard. I painted flowers and leaves.
I found my answer on an old thread. Thanks.
I don't do fondant cakes yet,but  I made fondant roses in a mold that I want to put all over buttercream cake. If my buttercream is stiff and crusts well do you think it can handle the fondant roses and leaves, or do you think they would slide down from the weigh?  This is similar to what I want to do on a buttercream cake. I did not make this cake,but I love the way it looks. I hope I don't get in trouble for reposting it.
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