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Thank you for the English version too.)
That's the cutest cake I have ever seen.Thank you for the tutorial)
Thank you all of you for your great answers and help.They will be very inspiring when I do this cake. I'm really looking forward to do this now.)
Thank you very much for sharing.This is reallly one of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen )
Thank you.I will post a picture here on CC and share the details with all of you if I can manage to do it.
Thank you both of you for your quick replies.I also think the first one is easier to make but the second one is a bit tricky.I am very new to decorating cakes and this cake will be a real challenge for me to make if I can of course) I think they used skewers and styrofoam but not so sure
One of my clients asked for this cake and I am not sure how to make the lid part.Please help!!! I will really appreciate it.It is asked for an engagement party.I am posting two different versions of the cake.
I would love to enter one of your contests when there is a new one.I am from Turkiye-izmir ))
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