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I think you did a fantastic job even more so since it was a first for you.And, even though you ran out of time I think you explained it really well that a newbie would have no problems trying it out!Way to go!
Was there ever any doubt about a win???Congrats Edna, it is truly well deserved!
Hi Kateski,They're pre-made fillings you can buy at the store (I have only seen them in cake stores) that are in plastic sleeves.Here's a discussion on the topic:
I haven't done one but I did a search and came across this thread. I hope it helps., you could try sending a PM to TheSweetestThingCS and see if they are able to help you out.
Here's a tutorial on how to make a fondant giraffe:
Sorry I couldn't resist adding the following 2 links. You should be able to find them by using the google search I mentioned earlier. half way down (just a tiny bit past that actually) you will find a cake called Burgundy & Ivory Gold Floral Cascade" @ the following link: luck with the cake.
I found a few really nice wedding cakes with these colours which always remind me of Indian weddings. If you google the colour combo's you should find several of them (I don't know what exactly your looking for so didn't want to add them here, especially if you have a design in mind already).I think my search keywords were "burgandy gold cake pics".I also found a nice gumpaste pic of a white magnolia flower that appears to have a goldish center and thought maybe you might...
Good luck snowbuns, I look forward to seeing a pic of the finished cake.
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