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I read on another post about putting a light coating of shortning on the top of the the frosting sheet too and that helps keep it moist for cutting......myself, I haven't tried the sheets because I hear they taste absolutely disgusting and are frustrating to work with. So far the Cutting Edge recipe for gumpaste has worked the best for me.
I freeze my extra batter all the time....makes for quick, small batches of cupcakes at a moment's notice!! I just divide it up into sandwhich size ziplocks and freeze flat.
linda....I don't think it's the moisture of the cake at all - I think it's the exterior moisture, be it humidity or putting it in a airtight container. Paper absorbs moisture and expands, and when a cupcake liner expands it's going to lose the shape that it has been "Pressed" into.
My experience with the "expensive" ones that Hobby Lobby carries (and some other places) is that they come away from the cupcake just like the others. They're nice and thick so you don't need a pan but IMO not worth the extra money.I fully believe it is a moisture problem - it's sad that trying to keep cupcakes from drying out is a major culprit in causing the wrappers to come off. Every time I put my cupcakes in a storage container the wrappers come off, the ones I...
Isn't that the most frustrating thing ... I had the same trouble a year or so ago and it was a brand new thermometer!
Nice cake! I saw on one of the cake competition shows that if you rub your finished fondant with a small piece of scrap fondant it will pick up the excess cornstarch.....I haven't tried it myself, but it sounds like a resonably sound solution.
I have a can you even draw up a contract with someone if you don't know what they want? If a bride calls to get a price, how can you even give her a price without all the details? Unless you have a 'one-price" type cake like some people have gone to and then there are no details to even worry about, but 3 days is still not enough.If a bride waits until 3 days before a wedding to order a cake she'd be hard pressed to find any professional willing to do...
I have a quick question.....if I want to cut paper or chipboard in my cake cricut do I need to switch to a different blade? (like the regular one in the Expression) know it!!!!
I bought a wooden thread holder at Walmart, it hangs on the wall or stands on a flat surface and has about 60 pegs on it (the one shown in the pic has 120). I just pop my tips on the pegs, if I have 2 or 3 of the same tip I just stack them on top of each other on the same peg, and I put them up in numerical order. It's super easy just to grab a tip!
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