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Mix gold powder with pure cocoa butter
I'd say you have three options: 1: politely decline the order and send her to someone else 2: say no and give a realistic sturdy buttercream 3: prepare to offer full refund for your work after she complains from it melting.
Grey - add brown Tan - add green
Yes. I use SMBC, and on my cupcakes only, I add a little bit of Sweetex shortening to it and powdered sugar. It makes it a bit sweeter - which my customers prefer, and the shortening helps to not have it super-firm in the fridge.  I raise the temperature to 68 degrees also.  I also sell sugar cookies with SMBC on it, and it works the same way.  It's a little firm, but still melts away pretty nicely in the mouth.  HTH.  
Get the refrigerated case, raise the temperature. I finally broke down and got a cold case. It's something I wish I had done long ago. It makes a difference in not only what you sell, but longevity of product.
Yea, I don't quite agree with this statement either.  A little education can go a long way, especially to those in areas who really don't know, instead of just not getting it.  I've had some - not alot, but some who have come back to place an order once they understood pricing.   I typically use McDonald's as my analogy.  I say if you pay $1.00 (plus tax!) for frozen french fries dropped in 5 day oil, and you serve it to 100 people for that one task.  That is gonna cost...
You guys definitely helped me alot because I was on the verge of sending another reply about how SHE is not the client. Now I'll just let it go and get tighter about my schedule and such next time. I LOVE the one to just look at her while she is talking and then pause when she is done. Classic!
Thanks!!!As a small token of trying to salvage this, I reached out directly to the bride and asked if she and the groom would be willing to meet with me again to re-discuss their needs for a wedding cake. The planner calls me back and says that it was unprofessional of me to contact HER clients to ask them to meet me without her present. Off to start that list!
I just had a *horrible* tasting consultation with a bride, groom, the bride's friend and a nightmare planner. Obviously, I'm not going to book with them as not only did the appointment run over by 2 hours (thankfully, it was my last of the day!), I couldn't even get a design idea going that fit in the budget. The planner completely interrupted every time I asked a question. She spoke FOR the groom even though he was sitting right there, and made it completely impossible...
I have an arrangement like that with my local child photographer. I provide a one tier 5" cake, iced in buttercream. Pink swirl for girls, blue lines for boys. Takes me about 5 minutes to ice. I charge $10.
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