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Thank you! The flavors were chocolate fudge with white chocolate kahlua mousse.Coconut with lime curd (the cake was too).chocolate fudge with chocolate mousse.White with white chocolate raspberry cream.and coconut with banana mousse.
So I just did 325+ cupcakes, 5 different flavors & fillings plus the cake for my brothers wedding. My sister and I designed the stand and made it from scratch. Take a look in my album and let me know what you think (honestly) . The pic is a little blurry (need to work on that). The cake was a disaster from the start but the end effect didnt look too bad, they loved it so I guess thats all that matters.
Hey, never mind, I'm a putz and just read a post halfway down the page for the exact same thing!! p.s. thanks to all who answered that one!!
I have 350 c.c. due next weekend on Saturday. They're for my brothers wedding. Can I fill them on Thursday or is that too soon? All the fillings are pudding mousse's made with Rich's except one that is lime curd with b.c. mixed in. I just DO NOT want to mess these up and have them be soggy.
Heres the recipe for the chai mix. It makes about 1 1/4 c of mix.1/2 c. sugar2/3 c. instant tea2 tsp. cinnamon1 tsp nutmeg1 tsp. corriander1/2 tsp. clovemix together and store in airtight container.I usually dont have corriander so I'll substitute with ginger and allspice.I give TONS of this away at the holidays, it's pretty good. If you want to use it as a drink just stir in 2 big tablespoons into 1/4 c boiling water and 1/2 c hot milk, or mix to taste.
I have a good recipe for instant chai mix that you mix up an keep in an air tight container. Wouldnt you be able to just throw in a couple tbsp to your batter? Sounds like it would work.
I've searched the archives to no avail....How far in advance can I fill cupcakes? I'm using a pudding mousse with Rich's (I think) in most of them and a lime curd toned down with b.c on the rest. They're due for a Sat wedding and I need to know if Wed or Thurs would be ok, they'll be in the fridge til Sat. Thanks so much!!
Yes, I definately dont think I'll be decorating the hall. I still need some help on the freezing/thawing questions. It's going to be a lot cooler here this week and I thought I'd start baking in the next day or two.
I'm a schmuck thats all there is to it . I'm doing 350 cupcakes for my brothers wedding and I'm not sure at all about a couple things. If you guys could help that'd be great!!! The wedding is on a Saturday but I have the rehearsal on Friday afternoon into night and the bachelorette party on Thursday night plus I think they expect me to help decorate the hall too, so my time is going to be really screwed up (late nights here I come!!)1. What's the best way to freeze...
I'd like to know that too, I'm so glad I read this, I have 350 c.c's to do for a wedding in 6 weeks and would never have thought about the seperation. How did you guys freeze yours, individually wrapped or what? Also how do you thaw yours?[/quote]
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