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The first price per unit is the total price for the unit that that ingredient uses- so if the ingredient calls for 2 cups sugar, then the first price per unit would be the price for 1 cup sugar. The second price per unit is the total price for the ingredient in the recipe, so that would be the first price per unit x2. I hope that explains it. I'm sorry for the late reply, but I dont check CC so often. If you have any more questions you can email me at...
Thanks guys! Tails- thats where I got the idea from I hope he'll be ok! I think I'll just encourage him to practice first and hope for the best!
My kids always pick out what kind of bday cake they want me to make and they have a blast picking it out. This year I asked my son if he would want to paint his cake himself ( turning 8 years old) on white fondant, and he was really excited about it. I told him he should start brainstorming on what he wants to paint, and maybe practice on some paper first. Any ideas on how to proceed from here? Do you think I should guide him towards a design/picture or just let him paint...
I don't see anyone mentioned this, but I just skimmed over some replies: I loved seeing the hot forum topics on the front page! What happened to them?? I do love the scrolling feature on the new pictures-CC used to have that, and I'm happy to see its back!
this really helps me! A) I see now that I way my fondant WAY too thin- I also have that bumpy problem. I didnt realize there was such a thing as rolling fondant out to thin B) I never heard of waiting after rolling it out, but it makes so much sense! I have to try it out next time.
Wow, your response was so well written, and polite. I didn't get any negative vibes at all! And really impressed with the %25 discount- thats very nice of you!
I also start with chocolate and then add black, and I never had a problem with elasticity. You just have to make sure not to use too much cocoa, I found that one recipe of MM Fondant needs only 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa, and its dark enough. I use wilton black.
All my frostings are non-dairy. I use soy milk, and also unwhipped non dairy topping (rich's whip)
Sure will!( its not for a few weeks...)
after reading this whole thread, OMG I am so in the mood of chips and oreos in one bite. this second!
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