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Ok, I have to admit that I bought a 2lb container of the cherry fondarific at the ICES convention. Well since then my daughter and I have slowly whittled away eating pieces of it (yes, eating fondant) it tastes like cherry tootsie rolls and at first I thought I was the only one nibbling away at it until I realized it was smaller each time I looked DD admitted to sneaking it too!! Tastes great, but I have to say that I did try to do some cut outs with it, and it seems...
I have seen several cakes on CC that have beautiful quilled patterns with fondant or gumpaste. Does anyone know of a tutuorial or book or someplace I could go to find out how to do this technique? All help appreciated.Lori
lasvegasmamma your very welcome, let me know if you order from them how you liked the product. I just can't decide what to order they have so many different things!!
Someone on CC recently pointed someone to a website there flowers seem very very reasonably priced, I have not ordered from them yet, but want to in the near future.
There is also a site that sell gumpaste items that I found thru CCits called they've got great prices!
Bohnlo (lori) and Saphie (Nancy) will be attending.
LIZAMLIN I bet we could find quite a few people in the area to start up a cake club in WI Anyone else out there wanting to share some ideas & learn from ea other in WI?
I wasn't going to add to thread, but it has been on my mind for days now. I did not realize that the avatar was of a child that had passed, because that is how my daughter looked when she was born. She also had the cord wrapped around her neck, but by some miracle they were able to deliver her quickly and cut the cord and start oxygen and today she is a vibrant beautiful 16 year old. I still see the avatar as I did then, a picture of a peaceful beautiful baby. No one...
I almost gave up cake decorating yesterday after what I decieded was a horrible disaster of a cake. My daughter wanted to give her friends mom a cake for taking her on vacation with them and it had been the mom's b'day while on vacation. When she came home I said sure I'll bake her a birthday cake. I had to bake 2 six inch layers with one pan, make filling, make BC, make ganache, and a chocolate transfer wrap, plus dipped strawberries with contrasting chocolate stripes...
Thanks, I'll try the crisco and see if that works for me.
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