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Okay, I'll ask the stupid question..what's an agbay?Lori
So Epson seems to be the way to go with printers, Ive heard of lots of clogging problems from people. What does ink run for an Epson, and is Kopykake the only place to buy them from? Thanks everyone for all the advice.Lori
mnsnow, you use a regular printer? Do you order edible ink then from somewhere? Sorry for the dumb questions, but never knew anything about them before. If you do order the ink where is a good place to order from, and are they expensive?Lori
How would I go about finding a good edible printer?? What kind do most of you have? Are they expensive? All suggestions appreciated.TIALori
Is there a Link to Toba's glace , I have been looking for it? TIA
I'd say your husband did an excellent job!! Are you sure this is only his 3rd cake
I haven't tried Michele's fondant yet, but I have bought fondarific in red, great cherry flavor yum....but I don't know how well it works yet because my daughter and I ate the whole container!!lol
Congratulations!! This really does sound like a dream come true. The best of luck to you in your new business. BTW your cakes are absolutely lovely.
Speaking of the dollar store, recently upon returning from the dollar store I was showing my DH an item I had purchased at the dollar store, he asked me "and how much did that cost?!" My DD and I laughed ourselves silly and he realized what a dumb question that was.
I have to laugh at all these antidotes. I work for an airline, and believe me I've seen it all. We often say people leave their brains at the door once they enter the airport. I had a situation where the airport was closed to to a raging snowstorm outside. A passenger approached me and said "since your not flying out can you put me on another airline? Duh I explained that I pretty much expected that if we were having a raging snowstorm at our gate, I was pretty sure...
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