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I have to agree with the origional poster. She was upfront about being on time, even talked to the customer that morning. If customer would of later said, well husband is running late can we still do it this am, fine, but she said he wasn't even coming that day she thought it was tomorrow. You have this happen to you enough times its just not worth the wasted time you could have been working on other orders, and is just plain rude of the cutomer. A ten dollar...
Thanks Jodie F and 282513 your fish cakes were awesome! I never thought about using rice krispy treats! I'll have to give that a try and see if I can make it look like a fish. Will post picture when its done, thanks to everyone for all your help!!!!Lori
Thanks for posting the instructions awesome cake! I'll have to give this one a try.Lori
Thanks everyone for your replys. I think I will try carving it out of the 9x13. I think that might need 2 layers to feed 35? Not sure about that, but I don't think 9x13 will feed everyone. Thanks again I knew I could count on CC'ersLori
Need Help!!! Need to make a fish cake for co-workers father's 60th b'day.It needs to feed approx 30-35. Have another cake due same day. How do I go about making a fish cake, not overly elaborate, as she would not want to pay $$$$ for extensive work. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. TIA'Lori
Anything over an 8 inch I use a baking core. Especially if it is 3" pan and 10 inches across, that definately needs a baking core to bake the center before the outside dries out.
Thanks everyone for your great responses!
How do you get a flesh color for fondant or BC. ? TIALori
How do you make flesh colored fondant, or BC. TIA
Lilybird, I too would love to see a photo, as I am more a visual type of person. Fiddlesticks , love the christmas oreos. Great idea for a teacher gift, or other people you want to give "a little something" to.
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