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Thanks to all, I needed to start today on the FBCT, so now I know what colors to use. Xstitcher I remember your cake, I believe I saved it to my FAVs
Yourstrulytx thanks thats the perfect color! Loved your cake.Lori
Does any one know what colors to use to achieve the color of Winnie the Pooh? Yellow is too light and tan isn't right. TIALori
Shannie, it helps to tint the BC brown so when you pour the ganache on you can't see any white showing thru.
Daisy 1993, yup that looks just like the color I am looking for, thanks so much for you help, BTW your cake is beautiful!Lori
Here is one I did for my sister's birthday this summer. She loved it.martini glasses around sides are made of white chocolate.
Can anyone tell me how to achieve the Tiffany blue color. TIA
One thing not discussed here is that on any pan over 8" its always a good idea to use a heating core. If your pans were 11" round, then a heating core in the middle would make it bake in the center as evenly as around the outside.Lori
The only time I change my crumbcoat color is if I will be pouring ganache over the BC, then I tint my BC brown so it doesn't show thruLori
This could almost be my exact story. I always take cc and cakes into work, and they liked them so much that they hired me to do the baking for their fundraisers (whole other basket of worms) anyhow, I've had two people so far, ask me to bake 50 cupcakes one was for a shower another for a 40th birthday. I fill all my cupcakes and make my own homemade buttercream that they love. I also use ganache over on certain ones. Anyhow I quoted each person $1 a cupcake, yup you...
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