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When I made my graduation cap, I used a plastic cocktail size cup and molded fondant over that, came out perfect size with a flat bottom to put the square top on.
Thanks, you guys are great! Going right now to check out Edna's tutorial, I've seen some of her others and she's such a good teacher.thanks againLori
Help, now matter what I try, fondant, gumpaste, or fondant gumpaste combo I cannot make a decent looking bow. How do you make the wonderful indentations that look like a real bow. My dry up and fall apart, and just look awful to begin with. Some of you out there make the most beautiful real looking bows. I'm talking about the single loop on each side with knot in middle and tails flowing and natural looking, not the multiloop ones. Any help would be greatly...
I know the company "Lucks" has these in many didfferent styles.Lori
Ok....I've been lurking for all 51 YES 51 pages eargerly awaiting each new update. I agree with everyone else that OP handled this whole situation with true integrity!!!I certainly will remember this, if I am ever in this situation. (hugs) to OP....time to relax. I really feel sorry for MOG, as most have said, I'm sure this isn't the first red flag that has gone up, and you just want your children to be happy. To leave the wedding must have been a very difficult...
Its a relatively easy cake to make, just time consuming to make all the different parts.
The cake that is my most often requested is a cake that is chocolate for 2 layers and white for 1 with raspberry IMBC with BC frosting covered in ganache with a imprinted chocolate wrap around it with dipped strawberries on top. Mmmmmmm nothing tastes better!!!!
I use a gravy ladle and it fills my cupcake tin perfectly. I only use 325 degree oven. Check often and don't let them brown, then they get dry.
You can also use white/clear edible glitter that comes in larger pieces and really looks like fresh fallen snow.
Or you could make a cupcake cake maybe in a star shape, then each child could have their own cupcake!
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