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Thanks everyone I think that my problem is I had my fondant g/p sorta thick, I literally had to dig them out with a small knife. I have a cake to do tomorrow so I'm gonna try the cornstarch and rolling it thin and see if I have better results. Also, I'll check out tonedna's video, they're always so informative!. Thanks again everyone.Lori
Does anyone know the secret to using tappits? I just bought the funky alphabet ones, and for the life of me I can't seem to get the letters to come out . By the time they do they are either in pieces, or totally twisted out of proportion. TIALori
I had to laugh when I read about the bad taste from being frozen. People at work (who I bake for often) always ask me what my secret for such moist cakes is. I finally broke down and told one co-worker that as soon as my cake cools I wrap it up good and pop it in the freezer to seal in all the moisture. I torte and fill with it still partically frozen, and once its frosted I truely believe that the moisture is locked in so to speak. Ya, some people will never get it,...
I have heard of using a thin layer of piping gel and laying the edible image over that.
Loucinda.....yup those are the ones I was talking about. Haven't had a chance to use them more than once yet.Lori
How about a FBCT? You could do jungle animals, winnie the pooh, I'm doing one for next weekend where I am doing a baby carriage out of fondant for on top of the 9 x 13. I have seen several of the baby jungle ones on here and they are all very cute. You could also do a fondant cut-out of a pregnant lady (the kind with the umbrella, or the shopping bag)Lori
I just got a set of tappits from Global sugar art. The have various sizes available on the website.Lori
I don't know if any of you saw my chocolate wrap cake I posted awhile back, you can also use an imprint mat to make your chocolate wrap with. I got mine from Kitchen sweet art. They have all different patterns. I just measure how tall and how much around to tape the pieces together. Imelt down the chocolate discs, and pour over the imprint sheet. Level, wrap around cake, pop in resfrig and 10 minutes later just peel the impression mat off. Very easy.Pic is in my...
When I use a strawberry filling, I make SMBC and then I add some of the strawberry sleeve filling. Tastes like strawberry icecream! Its usually a big hit.Lori
Does a cake decorated with IMBC HAVE to be kept refrigerated? What about just overnight? This has always had me wondering. TIALori
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