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I work for an Airline (Frontier) and we do accept a limited amount of dry ice. Your container has to have an opening for the gas produced as dry ice melts to dissapate. Other airlines may have other rules, so its probably a good idea to call and ask what the policy is.
May I also please have the instructions for the gelatin bubbles, I know you've spent so much time sending them out, but I would really really appreciate if you could send them my way, they look soooo awesome. Thank you very much Bohnlo
I always make sure I put my dam in from the edge of the cake 1/4 to 1/2 inch or so, so that when the weight of the cake settles it has room to expand without bulging. I have never had a problem with bulging since (at least not on my cakes!)Lori
I have to agree with everyone, I made the DH lemon for my daughters birthday and the taste was just way to artifical lemon, yuk. I now use a white mix, and add lorann lemon flavoring. Produces a nice light lemony flavor, and when you use a lemon filling, its just about enough lemon taste.
I think when we had those glitches in the last 2 weeks or so, some cakes never even made it onto the home page, therefore a lot of people never saw them, and thats usually when people leave comments. I know I uploaded a cake with a wedding dress around that time, and I had to really search to find it because the same photos stayed on the whole day.Lori
I also just got back from ICES I could only go for the day due to work conflict. Then changed my mind this morning, changed it back and left at 10:30, Got there at 1:30 and hit the floor running straight to the vendor room. There were some really great deals there, And many vendors demonstrate some of their products. Nicholas Lodge was also there, answering questions at his booth. I was like a kid in a candy store!! Only had 45 min to check out the cake room. Fantastic...
I used to always bring cupcakes and cake into work when I first got back into cake decorating. They were my "test group" so to speak. Well its been some time since then and I've had people ask me to make cupcakes for special occasions. I too, fill my cupcakes, my own recipe frosting, and decorate. On one occasion I was asked how much for 40 cupcakes decorated for a wedding shower. I told the co-worker that it would be $1 a cupcake. (I probably wasn't even breaking...
I used to have problems with my candy melts when I used the microwave to melt. I finally used a 40% off coupon at michaels and got the chocolate melter pot. It is worth every penny. You just pour all the melts in and stir a few times, it then has a setting where it just keeps them warm, so you don't have to worry about reheating. I think with the coupon it only cost me about $10.Lori
I would want tonedna to do my wedding cake if I had a do-over. I would either go very classy all white, or black and white, or totally crazy with bright colors and topsy turvy. Wow I bet that was of no help at all huh! Lori
OK to Danielle 1218 you have every right to vent, and I saw nothing wrong with your post. I work for an airline, and believe me, there are a lot of wacky dingbat, how did you find your way here alone, people that come to the airport all the time. Why just today we had a passenger that was dressed up in a frilly ruffled poufed up pink dress, ruffled socks, maryjanes, bows in her hair and a huge lollipop to boot, Did I mention she was somewhere in her 50's or 60's. Think...
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