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I wish I had the guts to do that! Good for you & best of luck!!!!
You might want to see if it is available as a website. That would let you know, plus you'll know if you can get the name for a website if you choose to have one. I had to change the names I wanted because they weren't available online.
Are you dipping your stick in chocolate? Also, you don't want to stick it very far in. I also freeze after sticking in the stick and before dipping. You can go to and get the how to's there or the several different places here or on the web - YouTube.
bakerliz is right - how many does it need to serve, you can't start pricing until you can answer that? Doing a singler layer is a great idea to cut the cost! Just because she doesn't WANT it to be pricey doesn't meant that it won't be. Don't undersell your self.
Also, make sure that when you are dipping that your chocolate goes over the ball and then onto the stick a little bit. That helps as well. Also, make sure your cake balls aren't too big and heavy for the stick.
I think it would be a TON of stress for you. You could be working up until the last minute to finish the cake depending on the size, design, etc. that you could be exhausted for the wedding, and if this is your baby you don't want to miss a minute of it! I say pass the baking on to someone else. Maybe you can make a bridal shower cake?
Sounds like what a lot of us just did for Cake Camp - well except for the real cake. Is there any reason you couldn't just bake when you got there? I think you could take most of it if you checked your bags, however, pack it really well and have a Plan B & C! It sounds like the best part is seeing family and your announcement. Congratulations on your good news!
Go with your instincts and do white. I think it will make the fence pop with everything else being pink & brown! Sounds really cute.
There is white gel/paste coloring. Even Wilton has some!
I like the full name!
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