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You could just use a thin bamboo skewer for the tiki torches and cover in fondant. You can make a fondant snake and insert the skewer up the middle. For a palm tree I did I've also used a pretzel rod. That gave my leaves something to stick into, something for the fondant to stick on and some to stabalize so it didn't sag. luck
Heck at this point I'd be concerned that she isn't responding to you and that she is still going to do the cake. I agree with others - keep calling until you get an answer! Best of luck!
Did she ask for a refund? If not thank her for the feedback, take what you can from it and move on.
I'm not a fan of white chocolate but am making some white chocolate/raspberry filled cupcake for a friend and want a yummy white chocolate frosting. I did a powdered sugar, butter one tonight and it was really sweet. Any suggestions? Thanks.
I've bought some that I'm going to make for a party for son this weekend and am concerned about exactly what the other poster said - is it going to be a PITA to make AND to eat? I'll try to come back and let you know!
As another poster said, it would depend on who hired you, the Bride or the restaurant? If the restaurant is the one that hired you then they are obviously outsourcing and I don't think it would be appropriate to advertise, however, if the Bride hired you then I would stand firm on either advertising with a cupcakes provided by sign or cupcake menu with your logo, or delivering myself. Good luck!
You can buy premade gumpaste at Michaels either Wilton or Duff's no mixing, just kneading. Use it alone or mix a 50/50 with your fondant (this will give you more working time) and make your figure from that.
Also take a look at the black and white gallery that should spark something as well. I love the idea of doing music notes. Pick two things and use that for the theme on your cake that always helps me simplify. Good luck - I'm sure it will be amazing and she will love it!
You are going to want to look at your law to see if there are any specific requirements you'll have to meet. You may HAVE to store in NSF (food safe) containers. You may not be able to store in the bag once it's open. Like other posters, check for a restaurant supply company. I have Restaurant Depot and Cash n Carry which offer pretty competitive prices. I like the Cambro containers because they can stack on top of eachother. I have the same issues with all this...
I'm currently using the Extra Brut from Albert Uster. Got 11lbs which was great. I also get chocolate from Chocosphere which is easy for me since I can will call it in Portland, OR and skip the shipping! I also need to get a more natural cocoa, I love the dark but some stuff just calls for a lighter cocoa in flavor. I like Hershey's Dark as well in a pinch but there just isn't enough of it!
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