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I think they bake in one then add the second. I've done it this way before, usually because I don't get the color I wanted from the wrapper once it has baked.
I like using wooden skewers. I've done it both ways just as cfpeoples. Just depends on the style of your numbers.
I know in WA our Cottage law does not allow wholesale so you might want to make sure that this would not fall under that, it may not since you are doing the selling. I think because it is dealing with food your local health department should be able to tell you the requirements. If nothing else point you in the direction you can go. You might find most of your home bakery items will cover the retail location! Good luck.
I've bought the Beater Blade brand. I agree with SCP1127 you need to adjust your bowl. I use my beater blade for most everything except my buttercream which is a merigune buttercream and of course to beat egg whites and cream! I haven't had problems with the rubber breaking down. You should look into the warranty.
I love my Beater Blade! I won't not have one again. But to the original question - paddle for batter.
Thanks I'll look at both options the bag and alternative flavorings or recipies!
I have my first leopard cake (hand painting on fondant) coming up and of course she wants carrot with cream cheese which means refriderating. I just want to make sure that my spots won't start to bleed and drip. Any hints or tips? Thanks!
Sorry for hijacking here but I'm also getting ready to paint for the first time, my fear is that the cake will have cream cheese frosting so refridgeration is required. Is the paint going to sweat and drip? I don't want drippy leopard spots!!!!
I just found this and made it. It was so quick and easy!!!! Go to Tracey's Culinary Adventures blog on October 9th for the Easiest Homemade Caramel Sauce. There is also a link to it on my blog if that is easier. Good luck.
Yep, I just cut out round circles and covered it and then stuck my wired leaves into the pretzel rod. Be prepared for breakage.
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