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If you want to keep building on what you have, which is a GREAT start, look at the Craftsy classes,  there is a free butter cream one and they go on sale all the time.  Also, it's kinda pricey but Cake Camp is in Las Vegas which is close.  Don't stop learning and perfecting your craft. 
Great job - square cakes are hard to do!  And good for you for putting it on a very cute board and not just card board or aluminum foil (like I used to do!) you want to showcase that cake!  
I bought it and haven't had time to sit down to put all my information in - I'm hoping over the holidays!!!
Depends on the laws for your state.
I just checked and my business account was dinged for $149.99 at  I will not be using GSA again, I don't care how much cheaper they are.  This is the second time in 3 months.
Wow, this happened to me as well and I didn't even think about it being I'm aware and I just reordered.  Time to go look at my account.  I will not reorder again.  This is really unfortunate.
Send her to Cake Camp in 2013!!!  
I refigerate my fondant cakes all the time. I put them in a cardboard box and put plastic wrap over the top of the box - it's usually a big box. I never have any problems. However, I usually don't do this with cream cheese frosting. If I do cream cheese I'll crumb coat with SMBC. Have you thought about doing cream cheese for the filling and then white chocolate ganache for under the fondant?
I'm so sorry this happened to you. I wonder how they are storing the cakes the second day? Are they air tight, refridgerated? This will all effect how the cake tastes the next day. Why don't you make yourself the same cake and look at the results for a few days. Does the whipping cream seperate? Again, how long was their cake out? It might be that they just need clearer instructions on how to store their cake if it isn't all eaten on the first day. Usually oil...
This cake has oil so it should stay nice and moist. You'll probably find that it will taste even better after a couple of days! BakingIrene's ideas are great! Good luck.
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