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I think it depends.  If the party is in a park or outside and the cake needed to sit out in the sun or heat for long periods of time I'd consider using American BC.  Other than that I just stick with my IMBC.  
Is your tiara going to be laying flat?  Then I'd say yes you could pipe it.  However, if you wanted it to stand and be more 3 dimensional then fondant and/or gumpaste would need to be used.  You could try royal icing but it would be really fragile and I'd make more than one just in case.
They have it at Cash & Carry in my area.  Do you have any restaurant supply stores I'd check there.  You can also check Restaurant Depot but I think you need a business license or you did last time I was there.  
Experimenting - Did you get cream cheese frosting approved? 
I'm getting ready to do one for my friends non-profit so trying to keep costs down. One thing I told her that if you keep the variety/options down people won't want to try to sample everything!  However, if it's really, really good as I know all of everyone's desserts here are you still may get people taking more than planned.  Also, if there are kids - kids will take everything and take a bite and then not eat it.  So factor that in as well.   It will also depend on...
I would have charged $200 for the cake.  I've been where you are and made a commitment this year to making my business be successful then I needed to value my work and time.  I've lost a few orders but at least I wasn't spending 10 hours doing a cake for $100.00!  With your talent you'll get there pretty fast!
I agree with Baking Irene.  I would use their colors as the accent colors and put them on a lighter cake (cream, or pearl) or possibly a gold background which would go great with the art deco theme!
You should check out this tutorial -  Her website is extremely helpful and her cakes are flawless!  Good luck!
Check out Chef Rubber they sell larger containers of it.  It's no where near a pound though!  Will your current supplier give you a discount if you buy in larger quantities?
Get a degree in business (w/accounting, legal etc.)  - you'll need those skills just as much as decorating to be a successful baker if that is what you want.  Education is never a waste if you give it a 100%.  Also, look at Craftsy for some great online classes - they have a few free ones as well.  Good luck!!!
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