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I haven't done a Micky cake but if you don't have the ball pan I would use a bowl/cup depending on the size.  I do this a lot to help me shape RKT before covering with fondant.  I also use melted chocolate to glue things.  Sets up really fast.  If not you could use royal icing but you want something that matches (black for the ears).  Good luck!
I would actually make the top tier gold.  If not I'd do the red.  Sounds like a great cake!
Without seeing the designs of each I have no idea if it will look weird.  You will be the best judge of that.  I would dowel it if you stack it - otherwise your 6" cake could possibly - sink or crush your bottom cake.  Especially if you are travelling with it.  Either way - dowel supports should be used in my opinion.  Good luck!
The boarders look like they are which makes me think the whole thing is.
You need a contract that has your policies in it that clearly outlines these types of issues and the consequences.  That way when you get your cancellation/postponement they are very clear you are keeping the money.  Assuming you are getting paid upfront.  Very frustrating....
I refrigerate my fondant cakes all the time.  I do keep them in a card board box and there is usually some airflow as they aren't sealed air tight.  I instruct my clients to let the cakes sit out for at least an hour.  I would keep it in the box for as long as possible as the cardboard is going to absorb the moisture as it comes to room temperature.  I would also let them come to temp in as cool as place as possible.  You can use a fan as well to help with any sweating....
I am currently preparing my Cottage Food packet - which is a HUGE PITA, it was so much easier to get licensed for a commercial kitchen.  Being a business owner is a huge commitment.  The taxes, insurance, licensing, paperwork etc. and this is all before even baking a cupcake!  Don't get me started on business plans. UGH.  I get why so many people give up and take the risk to work "illegally" or under the table until they get caught.     I think a lot of the cake and...
Funny I had two different people send me this article and another similar article.  
There used to be programs you could use- Sure Cuts A Lot  However, I think I recall an issue in the past.  You can do a search on Google and that should help you.  But this allows me to use almost any image/font that I can find or create and transfer it to my Cricut.  Hope this helps.
Go with your gut.  Would they let you come in a few times to see how well your product moves?  What do the numbers say?  Could you sell enough to cover your costs & the rent and make a profit?  It could possibly be a great move for your business.  Just make sure you are continuing to look at all possibilities of what could go wrong as well and have a plan for that.  Good luck - let us know how it goes!
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