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I think a colored cocoa butter spray might give you that affect.
I don't have any issues with any color except with purple.   Just keep it out of the light as much as possible! I made a rainbow that needed to dry and just kept a paper towel over it and the colors were all vibrant - I had to dust the purple but the rest were perfect!
I'm making one tonight and I will use a combination of gumpaste/fondant.  If I was using all fondant I'd add tylose. Otherwise it may get to heavy or could be too soft and just pull apart/tear.  Depends on how much you have it dangling off the cap and if it will have anything to support it should be considered as well.  Have fun!
Great job - square cakes aren't the easiest!  Nice colors!
Could you dip balloons in chocolate?  Adding the supports (wires) to the balloon and then dip, let set and then pop the balloon then you'd have the shape which would then be your hot air balloon?  Not sure if you're allowed to use chocolate. Maybe use a balloon and shape really thin gumpaste over it to dry then pop the balloon?  Now I want to go try this!  Good luck little stuff is hard!
I cut mine while they are either still slightly frozen or thawed.  It just depends for me when I get to that point.  I love that my Agbay allows me the ability to do it whenever - frozen or not.  Sorry about your finger .  Hope you're all better!
I would color your base fondant brown and use the airbrush for accent shading.  It's super easy and fun.  Use some scrap fondant to test first.  I would use a darker shade but again, just roll out some scraps and test to see what you like.  Good luck!  I't'll be great!
It looks like an icing sheet if you look closely because of the wrinkle near the top edge.  It is a trademark and/or copyrighted image(s) so it may be difficult to get someone to print it for you if you have to go to have it done. Otherwise you should be able to Google the image and print it yourself if you have an edible printer.    
You don't mention how it's going to be decorated so if you need to make any of the decorations now is the time.  Just remember some colors fade so you'll want to petal dust (if appropriate) and store in a dry dark space.  Also, all the details - cake boards, ribbon, non-skid, stands, dowels-SPS.  Have it all thought out and ready to go so you have everything on hand and don't need to run out to the store.  Have a great vacation!
I use a candle warmer to set my glass measuring cup on to keep it warm.  You can also use an electric skillet filled with water to keep your containers warm and your chocolate in a melted state.  I use shortening mixed in the chocolate as well.  Good luck.
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