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I use the Dawn Buttercream icing. I have always added cream bouquet to the icing and all of my customers find that the icing flavor is wonderful. However, yesterday I iced the cake and the icing tasted fine, but today the icing has a bitter taste and the after-taste is nasty. Any help? Any suggestions?
Thanks to everyone who replied! - I am grateful for this website and people like you all. I know I will be using some of the suggestions!
I have used frosting on the bottom of my cupcakes to make them stay in position. However, once I delivered them some had fallen over. Any suggestions for next time? Thanks!
I have been burned in the past on starting a wedding cake without a deposit and then the wedding was cancelled. Does anyone have an example of a contact between and bride and a cake decorator? How do I word the contact and what would be a good deposit (half) - Non-refundable. Can anyone help? Thanks!
I made a few fondant lily pads for a frog cake and I wanted to see the result of freezing after decorated. I actually did not like the way it turned out once it came to room temp, it got really soft and did not hold it's shape very well. However, I did make fondant frogs and they turned out okay. Also, the lily pads that I did not put on the cake ahead of time turned out fine too. I think it just depends what part of the decoration is going to be fondant and if you are...
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