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I (sadly) don't have an airbrush. I use the PME spray can of gold lustre and it works wonderfully.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
how much puree did you put in against how many eggs and sugar?that should not have happened....the only thing i can think of is you put too much liquid puree in. should not be more than 1/4" cup plus two tablespoons per 5 egg whites/ 1 1/4 cup sugar/4 sticks butter.were there ice crystals in the puree when you put it in? maybe you got water into your smbc which could cause problems in cohesiveness.diane
i use this all the works beautifully with fondant and modelling chocolate as really don't need a former, it holds it shape pretty well when it comes out of the press (better with fondant than MC).diane
here is her website:
i haven't heard back from her web site yet, but if i do, i'll post the answer!'re gonna love these
after you press the cutter into the fondant, move the cutter slightly forwards and backwards a bit so that you get nice clean edges on the cut.
it comes with it (the ejector is actually physically attached behind the cutters).
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