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You would have to give it to them on something with an edge... Maybe you could find a tray or something at the Dollar Tree. They have cute stuff like that. They have lots of hard plastic clear ones, some have etching and designs to look like crystal. They are very sturdy and for a dollar!
I forgot to say, the cake itself is kinda dry, like a sponge cake. The powdered mix is ok but not sweet enough for me, thats why I add the buttercream swirls.
I have used the cake mix tres leches many times. I dont really care for it, the mix dose not call for oil si it is kida dry, kinda like a sponge cake... I make the mix, pour it over the cooled cake, I leave the cake in the pan it was baked in, then I like to top mine with swirls of buttercream, one swirl for each slice, on top of that I put a pineapple chunk and a cherry. The family loves it!
I use a waterbath all the time. It gives cheesecake a creamy texture in addition to helping prevent cracks. Dont overmix the batter and you will be fine. I always mix the eggs by hand just to make sure.
I think it has alot do do with the flavor of the cake you use. Chocolate has many differnt textures, from brownies to fudge, to pudding, we are used to it. Everyone liked my chocolate balls. Ive made spice cake and butter pecan ones, they did not go over well at all.
Hahaha! Thoes videos were like a bad SNL skit!
Haha! I use this exact recipe for all of my pies! The secrect is to wrap it in plastic and freeze it. Then thaw in the frige for awhile before rolling it out. When its baking I can see the pockets of butter popping and it browns wonderfully!Its a very flakey and flavorfull crust.A way to make sure the sides dont slide down is to blind bake using beans in foil. If your sure to give the sides a good "lip" around the edges of the pie pan it also helps. I started using this...
Here is an excellent video.
I made butter pecan cake not too long ago. I think caramel icecream topping and chopped toasted pecans would be delicious!
This website is a great sorce of info!
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