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I would of eaten it too! How sweet!
I love this one and so has everyone else I made it for! Very moist! Stacks well. you find a one you like!
You won't be diappointed. The hardest point is going to be waiting to get them!!! Welcome to CC! The highly addictive site. My dh says, "your looking at cakes, again!" LOL!!! He just doesn't understand!
This answer isn't going to help you decide, I LOVE both of the DVD's. I own them both. I will say, I love Jennifer's fondant recipe she gives in the video. Best fondant I have tasted! They are both worth owning!
Now that is a good quesion. I wonder that too.
WHOOOHOOO!!!!! Beautiful cake!!!!!
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sweetflowers:"Maybe people post just because they want to show their work? Maybe they post so they have someplace to put pictures so their relatives that live in another country can see their work, who knows?"To me, I would think Facebook or flicker would work better just to have an album to show people. That way you don't have to deal with inquiries from others. "I'm only saying some members can be very rude and demanding in their inquiries. Plus, they are demanding...
Interesting. I'm suprised people still ask questions on this website. There is no excuse for rudeness, either way. The more I read the forums the less I am on the webiste. For over a year I quit reading them, I just started again (I shouldn't of). No matter what you do, it is never right. You asked wrong, you answered wrong, you left a "cliche" comment, you mispelled a word......This website is not the easist to navigate. I have lots of problems searching for topics-I...
[quote="MadameRaz"]Another thing to consider is that the "favorites" is almost as much about the photography than the cake. I never see crappy cell phone pictures in the top 5, it's usually high quality professional/semi-professional type pictures. I'm totally a sucker for awesome food photography, but sometimes I wanna cry "NOT FAIR!" when I see beautifully photographed-yet simple enough cakes in the top favorites. On the flip side, there are tons of well-executed...
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