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Can you refresh my memory on the exact date/time/place of our get together? I'm assuming nothing has changed? Just want to make sure before I say definite yes...Thanks!
I am making cookie icing but the red wilton food color I am adding to it is just turning it PINK. What do I need to do to make it RED-RED? Sorry if this is stupid. I am new! TIA
Lutie~If someone has offered to do something specific could you also write that beside their name? I know most are just coming to watch and learn but some are offerring to teach or do certain things. A list would be nice so that we don't have duplicates. As I said before, I am brand new and don't even know how to get my BC icing smooth- so I voluntered to do the pictures. Photography & Scrapbooking are my other hobbies so this would be right up my alley! Just a...
lutie- Since I am brand new to CC and do not have anything to "demo" I volunteer to do the pictures (if no one else has already). Photography/Scrapbooking are my other hobbies that I have been doing for years! Thanks,LeAnn
I am a newbie and I am confused! What does it mean when people post that their cakes are "iced in ButterCream but covered in Fondant"??? I thought you had to do one or the other. I HATE the taste of fondant but love the smooth look of it. Do you frost it first in BC and then cover it in Fondant just to get the smooth look? Wouldn't the cake still taste yucky? Do you eat the fondant? Sorry if this is stupid...I just don't understand why you would do both but I am...
I want to come!! Does it matter that I am a total newbie and know nothing? I just started practicing 2 months ago. I live in Richmond, KY.
Wow!! My hubby will be so happy!! I may have to "break" the diet for some of these. Thank you all very much!
I am brand new to the "cake world" and have been practing A LOT!! I bake a cake and frost it almost every night. The bad thing is I can not eat cake (diet) so my hubby has been taste testing all of them. He wants me to try something "new". Guess he is getting tired of the white cake with BC icing! I have looked thru the recipes but thought it would be interesting to see what your favs are. Give me your fav. cake flavor along with filling and or frosting.TIA,LeAnn
This sounds so good and it scores a 5 so I am dying to try it. Does anyone know if I can make it tonight and serve it tomorrow night? Did you like this recipe? Would you change anything? TIA LeAnn
Thank you very much Sue!!
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