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Yr very welcome.You should be fine with time bc tylose/gumpaste adds strength to yr toppers. I don't think you have anything to worry about. just avoid heat
Hi, Take a look here:
Hi,Thats alot of sugar pearls, somewhere in the hundreds. I think you should look into buying them in bulk, if you can.
Hi,Did you add any tylose powder to your fondant before you made them?If not, I would place them on at the Very Very last minute of departure for delivery. Keep it away from heat at all cost, even while en route to yr destination.It will take a lil while for them to breakdown BUT, If you can, can you carry the toppers with you on delivery and apply them when you arrive to setup?If not, I would do as i stated above.Maybe some of our fellow cakers will chime in on thi s as...
Hi,Read this thread: have seen a really hugge one made on Ameazing wedding cakes show sometime ago. Lori used graduating size cakes to get the overall look and then began to carve away a lil at a time from the sides and top until the cake was well rounded without sharp edges. Our if your afraid of...
Hi,Take a look at this: this helps
Hi,I would try either a 18in or 20in, if your feeding 30ppl
I think you should try adding some more melted chocolate to it and see what happens.
Hi,looking at your pic, it looks like they used amybe Frill Cutters, at least for the bottom cutters. Also they have eyelets (i call them hole designs, lol) bc it looks just like holes Take a look at these:, you can look on youtube, there are videos that show you how to do different ruffles as well.
Hi,I think that it would be very hard for you to make the plank out of candy, only bc you want to have a standing roller skate cake. I could be wrong BUT, If its made out of hard candy, How will you be able to secure your cake to the base? As well as add structual supports to make it stable enough to stand on your cake base. For instance, a solid chocolate base: you would be able to secure your chocolate block to your cake drum with chocolate or another medium BUT you...
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