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I am so sorry- I must not have clicked the button to get notifications when people reply.  Thanks for all the ideas!  I am going to try the square and circle and piece it together out of that.  I don't think I'll make it as large as the one in the movie but big enough to be like, DANG THAT'S THE GIANT COOKIE FROM BRIDESMAIDS.   Spoiler alert- @Annabakescakes, no one gets to eat it in the movie because Kristen Wiig goes nuts and goes to town on it.
One of my friends is getting married and her favorite movie is Bridesmaids.  The bride's sister thought it would be funny if we made a replica of that giant cookie from the movie.  Any ideas?  I am thinking I would have to glue smaller pieces together because that cookie was huge!
Anyone have any ideas on how to make this? TIA
I like the argyle idea! Thanks!
My husband is turning 33 and he made a comment that I never decorate a cake for him. So...any ideas for a decorated cake that isn't a theme? I'm drawing a blank.
I'd like to try tapering a cake in the middle- any tips? TIA!
I think the cake dummy idea is brilliant for your situation. Contact some wedding planners and I'm sure you'll get lots of advice!
Beautiful cookies, Jennzoe! I tried to comment but you don't have it set where people can leave comments.
I use 1 part lemon juice to 3 parts water.
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